Books to Read

Here is a list of books that deal with urban missions and related topics.

death-in-the-city-book-coverDeath in the City – Francis Schaeffer parallels the decline of contemporary culture with studies in Jeremiah and Romans to show the link between the intellectual and spiritual orientation of a society–and to show that ideas do have consequences. This classic work helps Christians critically appraise the direction of our culture as it distances itself from its biblical moorings so that they may swim against the intellectual and practical tides that offer only moral death.

urban-ministry-textbook-cover1Urban Ministry: the Kingdom, the City and the People of God – Conn and Ortiz unpack the multifaceted nature of the city as place, as process, as center, as power, and as a place of change and stability. They move us beyond fragmented stereotypes to a new way of seeing that is holistic enough for a fully biblical ministry to develop. Also useful in this work is the discussion of the rightful place of social science research in urban ministry work.

tell-the-truth-book-coverTell the Truth: The Whole Gospel to the Whole Person by Whole People – This training manual was written to address the concern that many Christians, entrusted with the gospel message, have forgotten the message and their responsibility to accurately convey it.  This training manual emphasizes the centrality of sovereign, saving grace that completely exalts God and equips the believer with solid tools.

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