What is Venturopolis?

header-11In his anthemic Eagles song ‘In the City’, Joe Walsh laments about city life’s oppressive coldness.  He  recognizes that better things must lie beyond metro-vibes and bloated government promises where “life ain’t very pretty” and no one catches you when you fall.  There must be more than just concrete survival, yet there’s nowhere else in sight.  He was right. Sight will not take you where we must go.

Somewhere out on that horizon, far away from the neon sky… there must be something better.

Our culture hungers for love, beauty, compassion and justice but wrongly seeks long-term stability and virtue through human means.  Man’s methods lead to stale and vacuous channels. Many well-meaning organizations and individuals provide many good things to those who hurt, but without everlasting aid their provision is only temporal mortar.  Somewhere out there is real hope and that hope is found in the person and work of Christ- the One who has overcome life itself.  The highly exalted One is the answer beyond the neon sky.  If it were not so, God would not have told us.

obamacon-meThis blog is a chronicle of urban relief ministry. Since hurricane Katrina brought her divine sobriety to my life, I have been leading an urban mission to the greater New Orleans area called  Homeland Missions.  I’ve been blessed to have fellow saints laboring along side of me as we all grow and learn together by practicing the art of  ‘do’. We have come to the city to point beyond it. We sojourn as nomadic warriors carrying truth and practice with the stench of the trench on our brows.

Venturopolis is the metro-foretaste of the kingdom. It is the place where the gospel moves rapidly and salt is distributed from active shakers.  Venturopolis is the city of the not-yet  where the pilgrim’s urban witness of heavenly renewal shines loudly on gospel-infused voices.  Come. See. Believe.


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